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This is an introduction to information on the company's quality and technology, etc.

Quality regulations

Kotobuki Industrial Ltd & Shanghai Kotobukiel ectric Ltd have acquired IATF16949:2016/ISO9001:2015 edition accreditation.
Kotobuki Industrial Ltd & Shanghai Kotobukiel ectric Ltd have acquired ISO14001:2015 edition accreditation company-wide for all factories.
Shanghai Kotobuki Electronic Co.,Ltd. has acquired "China National Cleaner Production Audit".

Chemical management

  • Substances that are prohibited from inclusion in products by law
  • Substances that are scheduled for prohibition from inclusion in products by law within 1 year

We do not use any substances as described above.

Applicable laws and regulations, etc.
  • (Japan) Class I specified chemical substances of the Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc.
  • (Japan) Substances prohibited from manufacture under the Industrial Safety and Health Act
  • (Japan) Specified poisons of the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act
  • (EU) RoHS directive, ELV directive
  • (EU) CLP statute, appendix VI, CMR-Cat. 1, 2
  • (EU) REACH regulations, restricted substances (Annex X, VII)
  • (EU) REACH regulations, subjects of very high concern (SVHC)
  • (EU) Substances falling under the criteria for determination of PBTs, vPvBs and POPs in the European chemical Substances Information System
  • (Industry) Guideline on the disclosure of information on chemical substances contained in electrical and electronic equipment
  • (Joint Industry Guideline) JIG-101A level B substances
  • (Industry) Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL)

We measure toxic metals to the order of ppm using a Shimadzu EDX-720 (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer).
We respond to toxic substance regulations such as WEEE, RoHS and ELV, etc.

Patents/utility model rights

These are the "Electric part installation equipment for electrothermal material" and "Electric blanket" utility model certificates acquired at the time of founding of the company. The activities of the company started from these utility models.

This is the patent certificate for the "Seat-shaped heater and its manufacturing method".
This is the patent certificate for an "Apparatus to prevent the falling out of thread in a multihead needlework machine".
This is the patent certificate for an "Alarm apparatus on a needlework machine for sewing blemishes on covered or uncovered conductive wire".
 This is the US patent certificate for the same invention.
 This is the EU patent certificate for the same invention.
 We developed a terminal to connect different diameter electrical wires simply and with certainty. We opened a small window in the barrel section so that shielded wires can also be accommodated and designed the terminal so that solder would flow around with certainty when applied. (Obtained patent )
We also have many other patents and utility models, etc. under application.


 This is a constant temperature/constant humidity built-in chamber. This creates an environment of -40 to +80°C and 10 to 95% rh, which we use in product design. Sized large enough to take one small bike, we are able to collect various types of test data.

 These instruments are for thermography to measure the state of temperature distribution. Apart from these, we use various instruments such as temperature recorders, etc., to develop highly reliable products.

 This is a "knee" endurance testing machine. The company's products are characterized by being "thin and flexible", but they are designed so that they also have strong endurance. This is a testing machine with a "knee-like" part attached to verify durability.
 We measure toxic metals to the order of ppm using a Shimadzu EDX-720 (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer). We are able to carry out safer product development by confirming safety at the design stage.


 This is automatic wiring equipment. It is able to wire products with freedom using CAD/CAM data. A patented "Heater wire contact alarm device" is attached to the equipment, enabling us to prevent the outflow of defective products. Products can be wired freely up to a width of 1,100 mm.
 This is cutting equipment. It is able to cut products in complicated configurations.
 This is specialist turntable-type equipment. We also have a lot of other specialist equipment apart from this.
 We use equipment like this in order to insulate wire connections with certainty.


"Can you do something like this?" or "I want to use it in this kind of place." Please feel free to ask us any kind of question.


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