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Environmental undertakings

 Kotobuki Industrial Co., Ltd. and its group companies position the environment as a high priority issue for management and promote environmental management by clarifying the stance of working on environmental protection within the company's management principles. Furthermore, in line with our "Basic environmental policy", we have established a "Course of action" that states our basic way of thinking in regard to the environment and have shared this with group companies. We have acquired ISO14001:2015 at all of our places of business.

Environmental policy

 We work together as a company independently and continuously on responsible care activities to realize a "Kotobuki Industrial Co., Ltd. that continues to be environmentally sound".

Action agenda

 We value harmony with the natural environment and co-existence with local society, raise the promotion of environmental management activities as a high priority issue, and stipulate the following.

  1. We will save resources and reduce waste and make efforts to maintain and improve a healthy environment through our business activities.
  2. We will thoroughly observe laws, regulations and agreements, etc., related to the environment.
  3. We will be thorough in preventing pollution in our normal work of course, and also in irregular business and at times of emergency so that we do not cause any trouble for local society.
  4. We will establish environmental targets and goals, aim for their realization and promote the continuous improvement of environmental management systems by revising them once a year.
  5. We will carry out employee education so that employees are aware of our basic way of thinking and behave in accordance with our environmental policy.

We will disclose our "Basic environmental policy" in accordance with requests from outside the company and as otherwise required.

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